CI Lift Weight

LIFT WEIGHTCasting is a mass production process which involves molten materials (such as metals, plastics or resins) being poured into a mold, allowed to solidify and then used. Casting is a method used to manufacture either a certain part or a whole single unit. Casting is a process that is used to manufacture complex parts which proves to be too expensive or time-consuming to produce using other methods.

A CI lift weight is manufactured by the Casting method. An elevator is equipment that is used to move people or weight between floors and other structures. The elevator used is a vertical machine. The elevators are driven by eclectic motors that use traction cables or counterweight systems. These counter weight systems are manufactured by Laxmi Industries.

A counterweight is manufactured by the process of casting. A counterweight is carried by an elevator cable to balance the weight of an elevator cab. An elevator uses a counterweight to move passengers up and down. It is the main part of an elevator which helps in its functionality. This weight is usually 40% of the max load. The weight exceeds in order to balance it without an error.

Laxmi Iron and Steel Industries are one of the well-known industries in manufacturing lift weights. We are well equipped and hence provide accurate and precise products. We also supply counterweight block for crane and forklifts as they are in high market demand.

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