CI Earthing Pipe

600x600Earth pipe joints, also known as earth tubes, earth cooling pipe or earth warming pipes, are ground-coupled exchangers of heat, by either capturing it from and/or dispelling it to the ground. Since only blowers are needed to move the air, earth pipe make an extremely cost-effective alternative to conventional heating or air-conditioning techniques. Earth pipe joints are made of Cast Iron. Earthing pipes are used in wide range of applications such as transmission and distribution systems, Electricity Board ( Substations), Hi-Tech Earthing, for earthing applications in Food Processing Industries , Water treatment plants, Oil refineries, Pumping Stations, Telecommunications and may other industries for dispelling electricity to the ground for safety purpose and reduce the risk of damage to electrical appliances.

We produce a variety of earthing components that are commonly used in all electric systems. Produced using the high quality raw content, these earthing components are perfectly designed to ensure flawless performance and long service life. Our variety of earthing components is required in the global market and is in track with international standards. Available in various requirements, these are also especially designed as per the requirements of the customers.

Based upon the comprehensive research, carried out by our researcher, we have designed a variety of Earthing Pipe that is used in power transmitting programs. These pipes are produced as per the specifications and demand of the customers within dedicated period of time. Our variety of Earthing Pipe guarantees the clients safe and higher earthing supply.
Advantages and Benefits of Earthing:

  • Better current carying capacity of Earthing pipe reduces the damage risk of electrical equipments.
  • It extends life of electrical installations due to low corrosion. It also requires less installation time, less space and gives less risk free electrical installations.
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