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Laxmi Iron and Steel Industries is one of the largest producer of graded casting as per drawing or pattern supplied by customer.
Fully integrated from mining to retail, Laxmi Industries production capacity is meeting the growing demand of CI, globally. Furthermore, seamless integration, robust downstream capabilities, and a worldwide network of processing and distribution facilities only add to Laxmi Iron and Steel Industries potential and reach.
Laxmi Iron & Steel Industries product portfolio includes

  • CI Quality Casting
  • CI Ginning Machinery Parts
  • CI Tractor Casting Parts
  • CI Earthing Pipe
  • CI Soil Pipe
  • CI Pump & Oil Explorer
  • CI Lift Weight
  • CI Brick Holder
  • CI Counter Weight
  • CI Manhole Cover
  • CI Iron Flywheel
  • Cast Iron Housing
  • Cast iron Hub
  • Cast iron Pig Mould
  • Cast iron Pulley
  • Cast iron Slab
  • Cast iron Ratchet
  • Cast iron Collar

It has a completely integrated distribution business consisting of CI processing and distribution centres with an aggregate capacity


Laxmi Iron and Steel Corporation are involved in trading and export of raw materials usually required by various foundries and almost all types of foundry raw material.We deals in products such as :

  • Coal
  • Coke
  • M.S. Scrap
  • C.I. Scrap
  • Foundary Grade Pig Iron
  • Steel Grade Pig Iron
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