Director’s Message

prashant goyalMr.Prashant Goyal has an experience of two decades. He is enthusiastic and ambitious force that infuses dynamism in the group holds the position of a Director in the firm. He is known in the industry for his innovative approach and out-of-box thinking. He takes care of sales, marketing, and company growth features at Laxmi Industries. At the forefront of the company’s growth, he facilitates and unclogs the formulation and execution of short-term and long-term company strategies.

He guides a strong team of company supervisors at the organization’s levels. He leads the company growth into different levels, keeping them centrally arranged with the company’s overall business objectives. Building and managing teams and client relationships, among others, is his forte.

rahul goyalMr. Rahul Goyal is a prime member of the Board of Directors of the company he has an experience over years. He mirrors the values of the organization – professionalism, dynamism and high ethical values. He handles the activities in the company’s plants and units at Nagpur. He is the man responsible for the company’s technological advancement and is also the main driving force behind the company’s efforts of diversification. He is responsible for all the on-going projects and is the motivation behind making them successful.

As the Director, he guides and leads a team of professionals with several responsibilities, guaranteeing that Laxmi Industries gets the right system to deliver and develop the best in the market. He strongly considers in creating an interesting business culture where each worker seems extremely pleased and relaxed. He believes in motivating every staff to join in some social cause and, thereby, contribute to society while performing their official responsibilities.

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